For inspiration

Here are a few thoughtful blogs on many random topics. good writing can come from anywhere!


She’s a writer, and here’s her post about Writer’s Block. Can anyone relate?

A food blog for thinking people, with a real sense of place: New Orleans

I know I said I don’t want any posts longer than 1000 words, but the point of this collection of posts is that they’re longer than 1000 words.!/read/blog/id/30860302

On the challenges of writing “truth”

Daily prompts from WordPress:

A blog about salt intake I’ve worked on  (to prove that blogs can really be about anything!)

And one more:

Vintage social networking (haha) 

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4 Responses to For inspiration

  1. iairoldi8 says:

    Hello, I have changed my Theme, tks for the help and to everyone, a great night!

  2. Tarushka says:

    I really like the sodium intake blog. We think sugar and fat are the big killers, but sodium can be just as dangerous, if not more. I’ve heard that sodium is a bigger problem than sugar for people with kidney disease/weak kidneys. And of course, you can’t have it if you’ve got high blood pressure. I try to use salt substitutes as much as I can.

    I’ve also heard that foods produced in Canada contain three times more sodium than products made in the US. Is this true? Someone with kidney disease told me this.

  3. Tarushka says:

    I can’t for the life of me remember the name of that blog/meme site started in 1995 that Mr. Boyle talked to us about. Does anyone know the name? Thanks!

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